A Linux driver for DS1339 and some driver stubs

In 2004 i've made a Linux driver for the DS1339 I2C Serial Real-Time Clock:



Some driver stubs for the Samsung S3C2410 (ARM9 core):

adc.tgz for measuring the pulse via electrodes in a left and a right hand grip by calculation of the autocorrelation and fast Fourier transform of the product of both signals.

digital_pulse.tgz for measuring the pulse from a digital signal.

grey_encoder.tgz for decoding the signals of a gray encoder (mouse wheel) by an interrupt service routine.

keyboard.tgz - a keyboard driver.

I made drivers from the driver stubs and the actual version of all drivers are working in bicycle ergometers and can be found here (some with changed names): http://ergobike.de/de/download/GPL/GPL/modules/.