Curriculum Vitae - Dr. Rolf Freitag

Personal Details

Name: Dr. Rolf Freitag

Year of birth: 1968

Place of birth and Location: Germany

Nationality: German


University-entrance diploma (Abitur) 1989
Physics diploma with the diploma thesis: "Diffusive Dynamische Lichtstreuung von Substanzen am kritischen Punkt" 1996
Research work about knudsen gases in non-separable systems: "Untersuchung der Höhenabhängigkeit von Temperatur und Dichte im Knudsen-Gas im thermischen Gleichgewicht" (english version: "Analysis of the dependence of temperature and density of Knudsen gases at thermal equilibrium" ) and an article about "Effects of simulated surfaces on Knudsen gases in a homogeneous field and the second law of thermodynamics" 1997
Poster 23.75 at the DPG-Frühjahrstagung 1999 1999
Poster 27.24 at the DPG-Frühjahrstagung 2000 2000
Successful completed postgraduate studies: Practical Informatics 2001
Physics doctoral level; doctoral thesis: "Korrelationsmethoden für hoch dynamische Zeitauflösung in der Foto- und Kathodolumineszenz", ISBN 978-3-89821-824-5 , Signatur . Folien zum Promotions-Vortrag. 2007
Start of postgraduate studies: Business Law 2008


German native speaker.
English near-native speaker.

Software experience

Assembly languages: i386, MSP430, ARM9.
High level languages: C/C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, LISP, Prolog, Java, Basic, Perl, Bash.
Applications: MS-Excel, Word Perfect, MS-Word, MS-Access, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Turbo Pascal, Mathematica, Maple, Konqueror, qemu, vmware, Doom, Quake 3, emacs, Mozilla, Microwindows/Nano-X, RTAI-Linux, Bind, Squid, etc..
Other: Web page design. Neural nets. Server administration.

Hardware experience

i386 + SMP, MSP430, ARM9.


LPIC-2 LPIC-1 Driving licence (1987), LPIC-1 and LPIC-2: with LPI ID LPI000056278, Verification Code hx5h8fw8yf, 2003 MSP430 ADVANCED TECHNICAL CONFERENCE MSP430 Advanced Technical Conference 2003-02-19-22, ITIL: Foundation Certificate in TI Service Management (2007), AFF License (Skydive Miami in Florida/USA 2000), Scuba diving License (Mallorca 1998), Deutsches Rettungsschwimmabzeichen Gold, Seminar "Projekte und Projektmanagement" (mit MS Project) Teil 1 und 2 (2008), Training "CharmNT - User Training for Native and Web Clients" (Incident Management auf Basis von CharmNT/Rational ClearCase, 2008).

Travel experience

Europe (UK, France, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium), U.S.A. (NYC, Florida), Tanzania (Kilimanjaro/Kibo/Uhuru Peak, Moshi, Dar es Salaam), Qatar (Doha), Chile (Santiago), Argentina (Mendoza, Aconcagua), Iran (Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Damavand), Urkraine (Zone of Alienation, nuclear reactor, Prypiat), Russia.


Jogging, Pedaling, Scuba diving, Judo, Karate, Mountain Climbing, Bash scripts, C programs.


Some german patents (199 26 640, 198 36 708, 10 2013 006 036) and a european (01110868).

Some german trademarks ( 300 86 060, 301 22 168, 300 86 061, 302 07 428, 302 07 429).

Some projects on, ( compiler-tests0, dupmerge2, randomize, ...).

Some articles, e. g.: "Zuverlässiger Zufall", about hardware random number generators in Linuxmagazin 06/1999, p. 39-41, (german), article "Verlässlicher Zufall" about hardware random number generators in uni ulm intern, Das Ulmer Universitätsmagazin, November 1999, p. 13-14, MRS Internet Journal of Nitride Semiconductor Research, Vol. 10, Art. 3, "Gerätetreiber" about device drivers in PC!Linux 4/2005, p. 86-90 (from PC Magazin, Weka Verlag), 5 chapters in the Book "Erfolgreich studieren" (ISBN 978-3-540-88824-6), article "Einschaltzwang für PCs" about starting ATX PCs with a capacitor of about 68 µF (and 100 kOhm discharge resisistor) parallel to the power switch at every AC power on, in elektor Halbleiterheft 2010, p. 32, Book "Die Kunst des Verdeckens" 2011 (ISBN 978-393-6546-65-1), Articles "Sharen ohne Anwalt", "Anonym und sicher", "Das anonyme Dutzend", p. 12-29 in freeX 3-4/2011, Article "Automatic Usage of Free Wi-Fi" in 2600 Vol. 28 Nr. 1 (Spring 2011), p. 51, Article "Anonym mit GNUnet", freeX 6/2011, p. 22-24, article "Sicher mit Ubuntu", freeX 5/2012, p. 48-53, about installing Ubuntu with an ecrypted root file system. The last page of the CZiB international MICROSCOPY 3/2012 (Carl Zeiss im Bild international), with a photo with me with a Zeiss flag on the top of the Elbrus, the seven summit of europe. Article "Hochauflösende Netzwerküberwachung mit Pings" in the Linux Magazin 07/2014, p. 70-75, and the english version "High-resolution network monitoring with ping" in the Linux Magazine Issue 165/2014, p. 52-57, Article "Harte Echtzeit mit Linux durch Preempt-RT zum Messen und Steuern", about hard realtime with Linux with the Preempt_RT patch, in the Linux Magazin 03/2017, p. 68-72, Article "Voll der Fake", about testing of data media before the first usage, in the Linux Magazin 04/2017, p. 74-76. .

Some lectures, e. g. at the 21st Chaos Communication Congress, ISBN: 3-934636-02-0.