Dr. Rolf Freitags Publications (not mentioned in the CV)

The article "Einschaltzwang für PCs" (always on for PCs), 2011. It is also published in the Book 311 Schaltungen, ISBN: 978-3-89576-255-0.

The article "Ersatz für ATX Power Switch" (Elko mit z. B. 2200 µF/10 V als Ersatz für den ATX Power Switch bei BIOSen ohne "Power on AC loss") in the german journal Elektor and ed2k://|file|Elektor_98-00.rar|273567666|98462a3bc4dad6fe2faf7fc984929fb0|, 2000.

An article about true random number generators in the german Linux Magazin 1999 here.

An article about the theory of true random number generation here (2001).

Poster 23.75 on the DPG-Frühjahrstagung 1999 here (zipped postscript file).

Poster 27.24 on the DPG-Frühjahrstagung 2000 here (492 kB ps).

A german article about technical true random number generation, Technische Realisierung azyklischer Zufallsfolgen, Kurzfassung (2000).

An article about Current limitation after pinch-off in AlGaN/GaN FETs in the MRS Internet Journal of Nitride Semiconductor Research here (2000).
The local copy is here.

An article about Time-resolved Spectroscopy of the violet luminescence of undoped AlN in the MRS Internet Journal of Nitride Semiconductor Research here (2005).
The local copy is here.

An article about writing Linux device drivers in german: "Gerätetreiber" in PC!Linux 4/2005, Pages 86-90.

A lecture with slides, the paper and Video recording at the 21C3 here.
It's also in the Proceedings in of thee 21th Chaos Communication Congress, Bielefeld, Germany, 2004, ISBN 3-934636-02-0.

A tutorial about the parallel port (in german) here (2005).

A tutorial about the serial port (in german) here. (2005).

A tutorial about the universal serial bus (USB, in german) here (2005).

A tutorial about debouncing (in german) here (2005).

The Article "Automatic Usage of Free Wi-Fi" in 2600 Volume Twenty-Eight, Number one, Spring 2011.

The articles "Share ohne Anwalt, Anonym im Netz", "Anonym und sicher, Vorzensur und Nachzensur vermeiden" and "Das anonyme Dutzend, Anonyme Filesharingnetze und was sie wirklich leisten" in freeX 3-4 2011. Table of contents: http://www.cul.de/data/freex3-42011inh.pdf.

The book "Die Kunst des Verdeckens" (Anti-computer forensics), 2011.

Program pinger and associated Talk at the Linuxtag 2014, article about pinger in the Linux-Magazin 07/2014.

Other publications are mentioned in the CV.